Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Card games have now become synonymous with entertainment in every culture across the globe. Out of all the popular card games, Rummy stands out as the most appealing game of the recent times. The most interesting characteristic which makes this game special is that it can be played with a lot of variations. The players just have to follow simple tricks and tips in order to win this game. The right use of intelligence and skill is very important in this game. This game can be played by 2 to 5 players and there are generally two decks of 52 cards used for 5 to 6 players. There is a standard draw and discard pattern used in this game. The players are required to pick one card from the shuffled pack.

Cash Rummy
In this popular game, players have to make sets and sequences from the available cards. Whoever completes the particular arrangement first is declared as the winner. The player has to pick the card from either the draw or the discard pile. One should make sure that their arrangements are proper in order to complete the sets and sequence. This popular game of rummy is also played for cash. Rummy played with cash or to earn cash is known as Cash Rummy. There are numerous websites that offer cash prizes for the winners of this game. A person just has to find a genuine website so that your money is safe.

There are websites that provide free cash rummy as well but one should be aware about all the rules of the game to avoid any sort of complications. Rummy is known to be a game of skill and intelligence, i.e. in this card game the luck factor is very less. Some online portals also offer chances of playing tournaments and these tournaments can be played by sitting anywhere online. People can play these tournaments by sitting at a friend’s place or by sitting at your own place. This famous offline game can help you earn money by playing online as well. Just by following the normal pattern of the game one can earn lots of cash.

Friday, 12 July 2013

There are numerous card games around and most of them are now available online. Several card games usually depend on luck rather than skill or intelligence. Unlike other card games, Indian Rummy is a game that requires skill and intelligence to win. Certain things are pre-decided like who gets to play first and what would be the order of playing. The cards that the players are dealt with are also random. In this game turning the cards into a successful win is a matter of skill. Keeping all this in mind, there are certain rules which the players need to follow.
Indian Rummy
A few rules are given below:

Identify when to quit: Rummy is regarded as a game of skill and sometimes the skill lies in being aware about when to quit. Sometimes, the cards with people could be really depressing and offers no chance of winning. So, at that time it is better for the players to drop from the game at it can create a lot of negative points for the player afterwards.

Identify what card to pick from the open pile: The usual pattern of this game is to draw and discard in which the players have to pick the cards from an open pile where the player played before him has discarded it. One should not pick a card unless it is helping in forming a set or sequence.

Identifying what cards are to be discarded in the end: Sometimes in this game you need to retain some cards knowing that they could be in demand after sometime. By retaining those cards you can benefit from them afterwards.

Identifying when to change the order for different situations: It is imperative to change the order of the cards to suit different situations in order to win the game.

By following these simple rules and by adopting few strategies based on the game, you can expect a sure shot win.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Online games have become a daily source of entertainment these days. There are many games which have taken an online appearance. Rummy is one of the games which have started becoming very popular in the internet industry. Rummy is like any other mind game which takes a lot of skill and wit to win. This 13 Cards Rummy has become very popular among people of every age group. In this game, it is necessary that players make their moves wisely. It is generally played among 2 to 6 players. There are generally two packs of cards used for five to six players. The player should observe every move of the opponent with a hawk eye precision whether playing online or offline.

Indian Rummy
This game is generally known to be a game of draw and discard. A person has to draw and discard the cards according to their sets and sequences. In this game a player has to be attentive and patient in order to win. The pioneers in this game offer a wide array of entertaining and interactive versions of rummy which is enjoyed by people around the world. In this game people of all age groups can participate and play. Some of the online websites also offer cash prizes which attract a lot of customers to their websites. In this way a person can enjoy and win a great amount of cash as well. These days’ online games are a great source of entertainment which relaxes the mind of a person and offers unlimited enjoyment.

People who are free and want some entertainment in their lives can play this game and enjoy to the fullest. People can play with their friends as well as the random people of the country and enjoy this wonderful game. This game does not only involve luck but also involves intelligence and proper understanding about the game. This game requires experience as well which can only come if someone is aware about the rules and the proper method to play the game. There are different cash prizes for the winners in different websites. Some website also lets you play just for fun without the cash prize. Nowadays the housewives, students and the retired people enjoy this game to a certain extent. This game is able to provide them with enjoyment and is able to help them get rid of their boredom. So, playing this game when you are free or when you want some exercise for your brain can be a great option.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Indian Rummy is one of the easiest and the most fun filling game. This game can be learnt in a short period of time. Players just need to learn the basics of this game, rest is gained from experience. This game consists of a deck of 52 cards and 2 to 6 players can play this game. For 5 to 6 players, two decks of 52 cards are used. Each player is given 13 Cards and the player needs to draw and discard the cards in order to make sets and sequences. There should be one pure sequence out of all the sequences they make. The motto of the player is to make proper sets and sequences in order to win. 

13 Cards Rummy
The online version of this game has created a buzz among each player. Now the players can play this game in a convenient way through internet options. In the busy routine of people, it becomes very difficult for them to play any sort of game. Online games have made the life of the common people easier. Several online gaming websites are coming up and providing exciting offers to the people who want to play the game. A player can play with other players from different parts of the world. In this way you can also make friends and become more social. The main objective of the players should be to win at any cost. For winning, the player should keep a close eye on his opponent’s hands. His gestures should be noticed so that you can make out which card he will discard and what sequence is he making.

Some of the websites also offer cash prizes to the winners so people can play and win lots of cash prizes through this game. This game can be played by people of every age group. Housewives, retired people, kids etc. can enjoy this game by sitting at home. Professionals, who are working from nine to five, want some enjoyment after the tiring day can play this game and make life filled with much more fun and enjoyment.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Every person nowadays wants a break from their normal routine and for that they indulge into online games. People love playing their favorite offline games online. With the advent of technology, the popularity of online games also has gone high. The craze of playing these games is not only high in kids but adults as well. The accentuated availability of these games round the clock has made it easier for people to tackle their boredom. Rummy is a well-known card game which has gained tremendous popularity in its online version as well. Out of all the rummy games, Indian Rummy or 13 Cards Rummy is the most liked game of the recent times. 

Indian Rummy
In this game, there are 13 Cards given to each player. 2 to 6 players can play this game and there are two decks required for 5 to 6 players. There are many rummy hosting sites available in which a person can play this game. In this game, a player has to draw and discard the cards at an appropriate time. With this draw and discard game, players have to create proper sequence and set to win. There is one set of pure sequence and the other sets can be impure. In the process of playing this game, players should spend with affordable limits. Some of the websites also offer free rummy. People can enjoy that game and feel free to play as many times they want. Some of the websites also offer cash prizes for the winners. Rummy played with cash is also known as Cash Rummy.

Before playing this interesting game, one should learn all the rules associated with it. The general rules and terminologies are available at various websites that promote rummy. Since, it is legal you can find everything related to this at several websites. Various strategies related to the game are also given on the websites. Players can have a look at those websites, but the correct method to learn rummy is by playing. With experience, people can learn this game fast and better. So, one should start playing this game regularly and gain experience.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

People who play the game of Indian Rummy exactly know the entertainment value of the game cannot be denied. In this game, players have to follow the draw and discard pattern. There are distinct challenges throughout the game which keep the players entertained. This game has been into existence from 18th century. It is the most popular offline card game which has now gained a great popularity in the online industry. Ever since the game has moved online, it has become the most entertaining and popular game. It also offers plenty of earning opportunities to the players. This game has gained so much of popularity because it offers instant fulfillment. Because of the online medium, players can indulge in this game whenever they feel like.

13 Cards Rummy
Players do not have to wait for their friends to come and play with them. Instead, they can make new friends online and play with them. The most amazing attribute of this game is its diversity. There are many versions of the game which can be played by the players. One of the most popular games of rummy is Indian Rummy. Indian Rummy or 13 Cards Rummy is played between 2 to 6 players. There are 13 cards distributed to each player. There are many websites that offer interesting cash prizes to the players who win the game.

Some of the websites also organize online tournaments so that more and more people can indulge into this game. There are certain rules which have to be followed by every player. Players can play this game for free and also win exciting cash prizes. You can also invite your friends to participate in this wonderful game. The instructions, rules and strategies of this game are given on the online websites. A player can sign up to a website and start playing this amazing game.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Rummy has always been a popular game among the Indian families. This game has captured the hearts of all the people regardless of their age, gender etc. It has also become a part of the religious celebrations. With the passage of time and the advancement in technology, the craze of this game is rising with fast speed. It has been a part of the online game since a very long time. There are many rummy hosting sites that are encouraging people towards playing this game online. People can play their favorite 13 Cards Rummy at any time online. The main objective of this game is to provide enormous entertainment to the people. This game has become the best pastime for people these days. People of all age groups play this game in their free time.

13 Cards Rummy
13 cards rummy or Indian Rummy is the most entertaining online game of the recent times. Some of the gaming websites also offer cash prizes to the winners of this game. It is actually the best game these days which is available round the clock. To play this game online, a person has to follow the same rules which are followed during the offline game. Rummy has become legal in India as it is given tag of a skill-based game. Rummy is known to be a game which is played with sheer intelligence and skill. There is very less luck involved with the game and this is the reason that it is considered to be the best online game of recent times.

The various online gaming websites allow the players to play at any hour of the day. The players just need to sign up and with the login credentials they can play the game. There are many rules which need to be followed while playing the game of rummy. The players need to keep a close eye on the cards of their opponent. There should not be any mistake while playing the game. The main rule of this game is to draw and discard the cards at the right time i.e. the cards should be drawn and discarded very carefully. The player should not discard any card which could be beneficial to his opponent. By following these general rules and making strategies according to the game, the player can surely win the game.