Friday, 12 July 2013

There are numerous card games around and most of them are now available online. Several card games usually depend on luck rather than skill or intelligence. Unlike other card games, Indian Rummy is a game that requires skill and intelligence to win. Certain things are pre-decided like who gets to play first and what would be the order of playing. The cards that the players are dealt with are also random. In this game turning the cards into a successful win is a matter of skill. Keeping all this in mind, there are certain rules which the players need to follow.
Indian Rummy
A few rules are given below:

Identify when to quit: Rummy is regarded as a game of skill and sometimes the skill lies in being aware about when to quit. Sometimes, the cards with people could be really depressing and offers no chance of winning. So, at that time it is better for the players to drop from the game at it can create a lot of negative points for the player afterwards.

Identify what card to pick from the open pile: The usual pattern of this game is to draw and discard in which the players have to pick the cards from an open pile where the player played before him has discarded it. One should not pick a card unless it is helping in forming a set or sequence.

Identifying what cards are to be discarded in the end: Sometimes in this game you need to retain some cards knowing that they could be in demand after sometime. By retaining those cards you can benefit from them afterwards.

Identifying when to change the order for different situations: It is imperative to change the order of the cards to suit different situations in order to win the game.

By following these simple rules and by adopting few strategies based on the game, you can expect a sure shot win.


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