Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Indian Rummy is one of the easiest and the most fun filling game. This game can be learnt in a short period of time. Players just need to learn the basics of this game, rest is gained from experience. This game consists of a deck of 52 cards and 2 to 6 players can play this game. For 5 to 6 players, two decks of 52 cards are used. Each player is given 13 Cards and the player needs to draw and discard the cards in order to make sets and sequences. There should be one pure sequence out of all the sequences they make. The motto of the player is to make proper sets and sequences in order to win. 

13 Cards Rummy
The online version of this game has created a buzz among each player. Now the players can play this game in a convenient way through internet options. In the busy routine of people, it becomes very difficult for them to play any sort of game. Online games have made the life of the common people easier. Several online gaming websites are coming up and providing exciting offers to the people who want to play the game. A player can play with other players from different parts of the world. In this way you can also make friends and become more social. The main objective of the players should be to win at any cost. For winning, the player should keep a close eye on his opponent’s hands. His gestures should be noticed so that you can make out which card he will discard and what sequence is he making.

Some of the websites also offer cash prizes to the winners so people can play and win lots of cash prizes through this game. This game can be played by people of every age group. Housewives, retired people, kids etc. can enjoy this game by sitting at home. Professionals, who are working from nine to five, want some enjoyment after the tiring day can play this game and make life filled with much more fun and enjoyment.


  1. Rummy has continued to be a cherished medium of entertainment for young and old with lots of excitement in online.

  2. Definitely, online Indian rummy is gaining popularity day by day and playing this game provide you with lots of cash prizes as well. Indian rummy is one of the best variants of online rummy game. Rummy Circle.