Thursday, 16 May 2013

Rummy is a simple card game which is recently introduced online. It is known to be the fastest growing game online. Apart from being a skill based game it is extremely interesting and the strongest point of this game is that it can be varied easily. It can be played by two to four players and each player is given a fixed number of cards. The main objective of the players in this game is to create sets and sequences. Some of the people have this misconception that this game entirely depends on luck. But, it is not true as this game requires intelligence and skill at the same time. The players should be aware about all the rules of the game in order to win it. The players should also notice the cards of their opponents as by this way they would know which card to throw and which card to keep.

Indian Rummy
This game is generally known to be a draw and discard game. A person has to draw and discard in order to make a sensible set and sequence which proves to be favorable for him. Rummy is known to be one of the oldest cards game. In India, it is considered to be the most famous game offline and because of its increasing popularity online it is played by numerous people. Indian rummy has different set of rules and the pattern of playing is also different. All the players are dealt with 13 cards and 2 to 6 players can play this game. There are 2 decks of cards required for 5 to 6 players. There is a little variation in Indian Rummy from the normal rummy. It is generally referred as a cross between rummy 500 and gin rummy. The extra spice created in this game is the extra card which is known as Joker. The joker contains the highest number of points in Indian Rummy.

There are 13 cards which are held by all the players constantly throughout the game. In this game the players have to complete the sets and sequences depending upon their cards. This exciting and interesting game is enjoyed by a large number of people. People of all age groups are playing this game worldwide. Due to its popularity, some of the gaming websites also offer cash prizes for the winners. Because of this factor, people are becoming crazier for playing this game. From Young children to adults, everyone is nowadays more than willing to play this game. This is the reason that it has become the most loved card game played online.

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